Locations - Film, TV and Media Location Services

1. Location Scouting: Identifying potential filming locations based on the script andproduction requirements.

2. Location Database Access: Providing access to a comprehensive database of
diverse filming locations.

3. Location Management: Managing permits, negotiations, and logistics for chosenlocations.

4. Permit Acquisition: Obtaining necessary permits and permissions for filminginspecific areas.

5. Location Photos and Pre-Scouting: Providing photos and details of potential
locations for review by the production team.

6. Location Consultation: Offering expertise and advice on the suitability of locations
for specific scenes.

7. Location Liaison: Acting as a liaison between the production teamand propertyowners or local authorities.

8. Site Visits: Arranging and conducting on-site visits for the production teamtoassess locations.

9. Location Budgeting: Assisting in budgeting for location-related expenses, including permits and fees.

10. Location Coordination: Coordinating logistics for multiple locations, ensuringa
smooth transition between shoots.

11. Exclusive Location Access: Arranging exclusive access to certain locations for

12. Historical and Heritage Locations: Securing historically significant or heritagelocations.

13. Location Support Services: Providing additional support services, such as catering, transportation, and accommodations.

14. Technology Integration: Utilizing technology for locations.